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Progressive house music labels are more often than not independent music labels that focus on releasing progressive house music. When it comes to trance, the term progressive house music meaning more to the music production rather than the sound production. As a result, most trance artists tend to focus more on their talent as an artist rather than going after major record label deals.

The truth of the matter is, they are still talented and are just looking for the best deals available rather than going after the majors. The major record labels however, want all their music to be on station play, be listened on Trance radio and are not likely to see a trance artist going directly to a minor record label with a big record label backing them.

About Tracks & Artists

trance artists tend to be looked down on by major music labels due to the fact they do not tour that much or even play live at many shows. A lot of progressive house mix artists choose to self promote online and only sell through the Internet via websites such as CDBaby or Bandcamp. Many artists will then go on to local radio stations looking to sell their recordings to a music label, but this is not the norm. Most progressive music artists either set up their own label or work with various independent producers in order to secure a record deal.


With the advent of the internet it has become much easier to distribute your music through a variety of different ways, including your own online music studio, podcast, Facebook, MySpace and twitter accounts, and now with the use of YouTube, the social networking site has opened up entirely new possibilities in the progressive house music radio market. Although there are already many well know progressive house music radio stations out there, YouTube seems to have taken on a whole new life as a place for music artists and independent producers to get the exposure they need. The discovery of YouTube came about as a result of the success of the Beatles on the website, when they introduced their new album " McCartney - Never Lennon - feat. John Lennon. After the success of this incredible campaign, YouTube was quickly becoming one of the most visited websites in the world and became a true force in the online music industry. If you are an independent producer or know of an up and coming artist that has an amazing voice, be sure to check them out on YouTube and get them noticed!

Producers & Musicians

Now with the advent of progressive music online, producers and musicians are able to build fan bases all over the globe and even from their own homes by utilizing YouTube's live stream feature. Although YouTube has been slow to open up its live streaming service to independent artists, they have made major improvements recently and are now making it easier than ever to gain exposure for any artist or band you want to reach. YouTube's latest innovation, the live stream feature, is opening the doors to a wide array of artists and music meaning that no matter what genre you love, there is likely a live stream performance available.

Videos musics

The discovery of YouTube came about after Edmund disciplines himself to clean up his house. He purchased some earphones and found he had a problem with some wires that were connecting parts of his house together. After removing the wires and thoroughly cleaning the room, Edmund put together a set of earphones that would play tracks from his computer as he went about the deep cleaning process. One particular track that he was really enjoying was a deep house music youtube mix.

Soothly Sounds to discover

After listening to this track a few times, Edmund realized how much energy and inspiration this track provided him with. After finishing the project, Edmund immediately set out to make a music group with himself and another friend who also love progressive house music. After putting this music group together, they started to record an audio demo and recorded a song with a slight touch-up in the studio. This demo was given its own name, which was "Drive Like You Luxury". A few weeks later, they received the music group green light from their management company and were ready to record their debut album.

About Labels

The good news is that after putting up a good fight, they were accepted into a major record label because their demos were very well qualified and impressive. The bad news is that despite their good work ethic and persistence, they still lost. Despite having the support of their management company and several other people, the label simply did not want to sign them. They preferred albums by groups like No I.D. and J.I.D.

The good news for Edmunds now is that he has finally found what he is looking for in music meaning he has discovered the progressive house music meaning in the independent music industry. Now he can call upon the aid of various websites and independent music channels that will help promote his new venture. The main focus of his new company will be on building a crew of artists that will be known in the coming years as he tours across the country and promotes his music.